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About Najaal

Najaal was born without warning, atso unexpected moment, by the conducive connection of its members. Since then, our meetings arise from the desire to explore the instantaneous collective composition, assuming and exposing ourselves to everything that it brings.


After shared journeys in other projects around traditional music, our common concerns about contemporary languages that orbit around improvisation, jazz and modal music lead us to start that journey in 2018. Nabil Naïr, Javier Pérez and Alejandro de Antonio, with a delicate listening and rhythmic curiosity, we go through an extensive and unpredictable palette of textures and emotions, in search of an irremediably present experience that is like a natural ritual, in which the public forms part of the implicit expectation to the improvisational process.

We feel a certain predilection for small and intimate spaces, also wanting to take our music to rural environments.

We offer workshops in which we transmit, through a friendly but deep laboratory, a look to approach improvisation, incorporating some of the dynamics that we carry out in our internal work.

We want to generate the space for collaborations  for a reciprocal inspiration with other improvisers and/or people from other artistic disciplines (dance, painting, image, cinema, poetry...) who wish to create interdisciplinary proposals.

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The tireless pursuit of beauty.
The spontaneous beauty of searching

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