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Nabil Nair (Piano, Clarinet, Ney)

Born in Tangier, he started playing music since childhood at the Tetouan Conservatory, where he studied classical piano. On the other side, in Granada, he took up music in an eminently self-taught way parallel to his university studies and began to play the clarinet. Passionate about innumerable cultures and musical styles, a lover of contemporary jazz and modal and traditional music, he receives classes from musicians from the peninsular jazz scene while traveling to Turkey or Greece, participating in seminars with musicians such as Efrén López, Manos Achalinotopoulos or Sokratis Sinopoulos, among others.
Currently residing in La Vera, in his insatiable musical restlessness, he continues to train in schools such as El Molino de Santa Isabel. He participates in traditional music projects such as Milo ke Mandarini or Jako el Muzikante, as well as in improvised music formations such as the interdisciplinary Orquesta en Tránsito, directed by Chefa Alonso, in addition to continuing to investigate the world of dance and performing arts in parallel to his work as a healthcare professional.


Javier Pérez Gómez (Drums, percussion, voice)

He begins his musical studies at the age of five, learning piano and music theory. He completes the training of the ABRSM (UK) and starts with drums. After participating in several rock/post-rock bands, he discovers improvised music and attends the NY Summer Music Festival (USA) for two consecutive summers, after which he enters the Escuel ade Música Creativa (Madrid) to continue his jazz studies with teachers. like Carlos Carli or Bob Sands, and teaches drums at “El Molino” (Madrid). He dives deeper into improvisation and explore new horizons with traditional music. He co-founds Azafrán, with whom he records two albums that take him through numerous Greek and Spanish cities. At the same time, he learns other instruments (ud, riqq, bendir, voice...) and begins his solo path as a teacher with workshops on rhythmic awareness "Liberar El Ritmo"  and improvisation “Impro-5”.

Alejandro de Antonio (Viola da gamba, rebab, double bass)

Musician and luthier born in Gijón and inhabitant of the Sierra de Segovia. With a trajectory that began in the classical world, jazz, improvised and contemporary music followed. Later a great period of traditional music and contemporary manners happened in Greece. With a great job in the union of music with dance and body, especially Contact Improvisation and Butoh, where he also explores with the body.  

Building his own musical instruments, the search for sound through strings and wood is a basic element in his path.
The origin of the expression and deconstruction of the musical building that has come into our hands to play with its essential elements.

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