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At najaal we love to create with other artists, explore the mixture with other disciplines and thus enrich ourselves.

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steve schofield

Sopranino & Alto saxophone

Steve Schofield is a self-taught musician from UK/Australia. He plays wind instruments and keyboards. Living in Berlin, he involves himself in freely improvised music performance and inter-disciplinary art projects. He has performed at festivals in Australia, Germany, Spain, India and Thailand. His mission is to create music that expresses the experience of being human, in order to unite and connect with the things that truly matter in life.

You can follow his path around here.

He has been in touch with Najaal since the early years of WIM (What is music?) festival in Frias Spain.

Residence in Serendipia in summer 2021, live concert here

Photo credits: Maria Barrena 2021

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Dove Lazaro Arteaga
Javier Vazquez

Voice, Piano (P) & Sax, flutes, electronics (J)

In our visit  to The Nethernalds, meeting with our friends in Tilburg was a beautiful opportunity to create together.
We made this fully improvised concert in Paradox.

You can find about them in:
Paloma Lazaro Arteaga
Javier Vazquez-Rodriguez

Colaboraciones: Sobre nosotros
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