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Lugar común

This section is dedicated to our first studio work: “Lugar comun” (Common place) . Here we will share the music contained in the album, as well as information about its creation process and windows to what the recording and production processes have been . For now, you can listen  the singles "Hielo en mis manos", "Wondering who am I" and "It's alright after all".

We also want to thank all the people who, through microfunding, have made this dream possible. They are:

Mario Aracama, Rosina, Cristina Villa, Laura, Manolo Rosa, Paloma Lázaro Arteaga, Cristina Membrive Azor, Juan Luis and Mercedes, Eva Pons, Dopilon, Alicia Lázaro Arteaga, Isabel Romeo, Wapapura, Cata, Irene Herbera, Flo, Diego Oliveira Sánchez , Miguel Juristo, Lorena Matsuki, Paula Dominguez, Sauc, Elvira, Alber García, Marta, Javier Vázquez, Teresa Gómez de las Cortinas, Germán, Enrique Ayuso Canals, Milo ke Mandarini, Magalí Monrás i Erra, Ion, Yago Mellado, Ceci + Simone, Léa Lip, Eva Graña and Ángel Recamán, Javi de Luca, ÁngelaCG, Adrián, Carlos de las Heras, Nicolás Lanzadera, Francisco Barón, Isaac Pérez, Nuria, Lino, Javier Antonio, Esther Sánchez, Geesje Liedmeier, Gon, Mayumi, Rocío Gordillo, Aurora, Guille clarinet, Daniel Vallejo, Curioso Periplo, Jesús Suárez Gonzalez, Violeta Salvador, Irene Newey, Cristina Gómez de las Cortinas, Jaime, Lucía-Talavera, Ainhoa Laespada Lazpita, Nuria Simón Estrada, Martín Coronado Álvarez, Ángela Furquet , El bufas, Mónica Tabar de Llobet, Aj ayu Duo, Merlijne, Antonio Pérez de Lucas, Cécile, Leila, Aimar, Jaouad, Nadia, Lorena and Mounir, Carmen Alcalde, Jean-Claude Martinet, Tania Venafrente, Frank, Gloria and Madsaxman.

Thank you for being part of this place.


All th epieces contained in Lugar común are improvisations born from our encounter on the 16 and 17 of
March, 2021 in Casla, where our sound engineer and dear friend Román Ledesma hosted us. We arrived with the intention of recording some of our music, knowing that
no recording will be able to reflect -nor replace- the experience of the trio live. "Let's do the
least a promotional video”, we stated. For this, we decided to have the presence of Paula
Pérez-Cossío, hercamera and her eye. "Who knows if we will have material for a CD"... And three came out.
After more than eight hours of recorded music, countless listens and a long process of listenning,
selecting and detachment -or not so much?-, we decided to embark on the adventure of publishing a triple album. Thus, the idea arose of grouping the pieces into three different chapters , corresponding to three environments or energies in which the music we make is usually expressed:

  • I. Antes del comienzo . It projects a palette of suggestive cinematographic images, textures and environments.

  • II. De procesos y entrañas . He pours himself into the emotional ins and outs, allowing them to take different forms and surprise even the musicians themselves.

  • III. Brotan caminos . The trilogy closes with more rhythmic and energetic improvisations, jazz remanences and genderless dances.

The album is published under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0). Please check here
what this means before sharing it.
The physical format corresponds to a limited edition
  from  two hundred numbered units, whose
Illustrations and graphic design are the work of Alejandro de Antonio . It is a series of engravings in
original linoleum for this edition. You will find them in their original version in black and white, and in a
variation merged with watercolor color on transparent background on CDs.



  • Nabil Naïr : Piano, ney (2.4, 2.5), clarinet (3.4)

  • Javier Pérez : Drums, vocals (1.2, 1.3, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7) (2.5, 2.6), bendir (1.6, 1.7) (2.2)

  • Alejandro de Antonio : Double bass, rebab (1.1, 1.7) (2.4) (3.6), viola de gamba tenor (1.2, 1.4), Voice (2.7)


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Lugar común: Music Player
Lugar común: Music Player
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Do you want to enjoy our music?

We have at your disposal the digital version of the album and the limited edition of it in audio cd format.
contact us and we will tell you how to get it.

Thank you for your message!

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