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Frequent questions

Is it true that you improvise everything?

From the beginning we realized that the magic happened when we arrived clean at the present moment of playing. This is how we set out to maintain this energy so every time we get on stage or prepare to play:
We have no idea what's going to happen!

How often does najaal meet?

We live quite far apart (Extremadura, Galicia and Segovia) so we work based on gatherings. Sometimes motivated by concerts or  recordings, and others just to give time to ourselves.

Do you always play the three of you alone?

Clearly this way of making music is born from the encounter between diverse beings, that's how we met and that's how we love to keep it.
Collaborations give us a lot of joy and momentum. And not only in the musical context, but also  with other disciplines such as dance or painting.

When will I be able to feel all this live?

We move a lot and we are open to any proposal for playing, artistic collaboration, or teaching, since we love to share the practice of improvisation in the pedagogical field.
Write us if you have any ideas!

Preguntas frecuentes: Preguntas frecuentes
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